A new winter market home!

Farewell summer, hello new winter digs and a 20th year to celebrate

Before we spill the coffee beans about our new winter location we must, and want first to thank you for this wonderful summer.  You have been loyal customers whose business we can count on even when the weather is blustery or boiling hot.  This year we moved to that beautiful new spot surrounded by preserved open fields on Saturdays; we stretched further along the boulevard in Newport and welcomed some excellent new vendors and now we are close to moving inside to a great new winter location. It has been a fine summer, and it has also been our 20th summer.

Twenty years ago, Lisa and her stepson, Emmett Dunbar, conceived the plan to start a farmers’market on Aquidneck Island and set about enlisting local farmers.  Judy Carvalho and Eileen Shea of Maplewood Farm; Bill O’Reilly of Bally Machree Farm and Shirley and Ted Robbins of Paradise Hill Farm are with us to this day.  These fine farmers have been growing fine food for us for 20 years and never fail to show up whatever the weather.  What an honour it is to know them.  We thank them to for their loyal support.

Lisa’s vision, and her dedication to the importance of growing food locally, has been the force that has grown and guided the market for these 20 years.  They would not be here were it not for her wholehearted, and I choose that word carefully, commitment to knowing and supporting local farmers. Never one to toot her own horn, you may have no idea what her commitment has entailed, so blow her and our farmers a kiss of appreciation next time you see them.  Happy 20th Birthday Aquidneck Growers’ Market!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success through these years!

New winter digs! John and Paul Nunes of Newport Vineyard & Winery deserve a medal for tenacity, patience and good humour through the long process of expanding and renovating the building at the vineyard, and it is almost done!  We have been invited to make our winter home inside, where it will be a squeeze to begin with while they wait, still patiently, for the construction to be completed. The renovation is truly impressive.

opening day 1

We are taking a week off between our summer location outside, so no market on November 1, and then we open inside  on November 8, with new winter hours of 10 am to 2 pm.

If the weather is fine, you can shop and then lounge with a glass of wine on the new patio overlooking the vineyard.  Come check out the new space!

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