Strawberry season!

The true flavor of strawberries, how to use our market token system, our compost program and baby goats

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The two fruits that really highlight the difference between grocery store produce and fresh picked market produce for me are tomatoes, more about them when the season warms up, and strawberries. When I was young, my family went to a farm near the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, England, close to where I grew up, for an annual strawberry picking outing. I must have stored away the memory of that true strawberry flavour because it came back to me in a storm of taste delight the first time I tasted a field grown strawberry. After years of only knowing the taste of their poor grocery store cousins (I was a city girl back then and there were only a few thin farmers’ markets around) I was astonished to find such an acute difference in the richness of flavour. This same delightful berry experience is available to those of you early birds who arrive in time for the local berries awaiting your attention this Saturday morning at the Maplewood Farm stall.

Fresh Bucks return to the markets

After some struggle with our federal government we finally have the token system back that some of you may remember from previous summers. If you find yourself short of cash at a market, but have a debit or credit card with you, go to the market stall where, for a $1 fee, you can swipe your card and receive $5 tokens that can be used to make purchases at all market stalls. SNAP program recipients may also use their EBT cards to swipe and receive $1 tokens for fresh foods and produce. Both tokens can used at either market throughout the summer. Hooray!

Bring your kids to pet our kids on June 14?

half an haflA new market vendor, Silk Tree Farm from Little Compton, joins us for the first time tomorrow with goat milk soaps and candles and …. baby goats, Cup Cake and Half and Half. Do go say hello to Cathy Bardsley, hear about her farm and pet the babies. I think this one must be Half and Half….Cathy will be vending at our Saturday markets on alternate weeks, sometimes with the kids, so please visit her website for more information.

Bring us your vegetable waste, your electronic waste!

Our partners, Sustainable Aquidneck, send volunteers to both markets every week to pick your vegetable waste for composting and use in the fields at the Island Community Farm on Green End Lane. Please check their website for a list of Do’s and Dont’s of composting. Those of you who accumulate a lot of scraps may want to bag and freeze them between visits.

tiny Indiecycle

Indiecycle will be visiting the market again on June 28, August 30 and October 25 to pick up all old electronics for recycling Рfree of charge!

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