Our February menu and a food quiz

Last day for Maplewood Farm this week; Pat’s perfectly Pastured breakfast fare and a food quiz

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Chase away the winter blues with a visit to your favorite market this month!  We will all have cabin fever soon so what better way to find warmth and cheer than a visit to your community and friends that supports local businesses to boot?   We plan to be here every Saturday until we head outside in May.  This Saturday marks the last day for Maplewood Farm until spring, so do drop in to stock up on their excellent potatoes as we won’t see them again until their spring bedding plants and herbs are ready for sale in May.  Our growers take these coldest weeks off to prepare for the big burst of energy that spring requires (and because they have little left in the way of supplies,) but these big winter storms must mean that spring is not far off!

New to us (and the rest of Rhode Island) this winter is the hot breakfast and lunch stand ofpat's breakfast sandwich sm Pat’s Pastured. Here is a true farm to fork opportunity, for all the meat and eggs prepared in Pat’s delicious sandwiches and burgers are raised on his East Greenwich farm.  Pat’s livestock are all pasture raised, freely ranging and raised without antibiotics or inappropriate feeds.  The difference is in the flavor on your fork!  In addition to breakfast sandwiches and burgers Pat’s crew dreams up a different special every week, dons a remarkable layer of clothing so they can stand the temperature out on the Vineyard patio and cooks everything to order for you.  Stop in to shop and taste the difference that one farmer can make!  (Note: Pat’s cart is at the market every Saturday in February but Valentine’s Day.)

Speaking of Valentines Day

While we wait for the green bounty of spring to arrive we have filled our market gaps with a wonderful selection of guest artisans, and a particularly fine line-up for Valentine’s Day: chocolates, flowers, jams and jellies, beautiful beads and big pies!  And, of course, you can pick up a bottle of wine for your sweetheart supper from the wide selection available in the the Newport Winery store.
See below for dates for each guest artisan.
Beach & Field Florals, 2/14 & 28
Bessin Designs, jewelry, 2/14 & 3/21
Brigadeiro Chocolates 2/14
Humble Pie, big and little pies, 2/14 & 28
Lunar Lights, candles, 1/31 & 2/28
Narragansett Creamery, cheeses and yoghourt, 2/7 and 21
Salve Hydroponics Lab, campus grown greens 2/7 & 21
Silk Tree Farm, soaps and candles, 2/7 & 21
Terry’s Tasty Treasures, jams, jellies and salsa 2/14 &28

A food literacy quizdollar

I have to confess that I expected to ace this quiz, but how humbled I was.  Spiff up your food literacy with these 15 questions from Nourish.  And if you are in the mood for more information about the local movement here is an in-depth piece from the energetic folks at ecoRI about latest efforts and ideas towards achieving the 50 x 60 plan from New England Food Solutions. If you don’t already receive ecoRI’s weekly eletter check it out: they have their fingers on the pulse of environmental news in RI and Massachusetts.

Thanks for supporting the market and voting with your forks market people!
See you soon,

Bevan and the Aquidneck Growers

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